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BioTechniques’ combination of publishing platforms, editorial excellence, and global reach creates a unique opportunity for advertisers to target life scientists where their products and services are most needed and where purchase decisions are most often made: at the lab bench.

Reach the users you need most through detailed demographic selects and flexible targeting


Focus: Peer-reviewed Life Science Methods
Target: Bench Scientists
Launched: 1983
Frequency: Monthly
80,067 Total Qualified Circulation
– 69,965 Print
– 10,102 Digital
113,100 Avg. Monthly Unique Web Visitors
209,591 Avg. Monthly Page Impressions
2.098 Impact Factor]

Global Audience

• The largest BPA-audited circulation within life sciences
• 100% requested
• Distributed to over 100 countries

Sponsorship Opportunities include:

  •  Print
    • Print adverts
    • Cover tips
    • Inserts and Outserts
    • Application Forum
  • Online
    • Banner adverts
    • Webinar
    • List rentals
    • Custom Surveys
    • Video
    • Custom eBooks
  • Newsletter and Alerts
    • Daily
    • Weekly
    • Tech
    • eToc
    • Biosolutions

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