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Leachables: the hidden dangers of plastic



For most researchers, it’s hard to believe that the tubes and tips they use every day could impact and even skew their experimental results. But recent reports show that chemicals used to formulate everyday plastic labware can leach into liquid solutions – with profound consequences for some assays.

In this special webinar, three speakers discuss their experiences with plastic leachables – what problems they can cause and how to fix them. From high-density microtiter plates to traditional microfuge tubes, our speakers detail how leachables have impacted their screening experiments, basic molecular biology assays, and even long-range PCR results.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How researchers came to discover plastic leachables could impact experiments
  • How you can assess if any of your experiments might be affected by leachables
  • How developers are working on ways to eliminate plastic leaching through new chemical formulations

If you are using plastic labware for your experiments, take the time to learn more about the dangers of plastic leachables.

Featured Speakers:

Lynn Rasmussen
Southern Research Institute

Lynn Rasmussen is the supervisor of the High-Throughput Screening Center at the Southern Research Institute. Rasmussen also currently chairs a Special Interest Group on Labware Leachables for the Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening. Rasmussen will discuss how leachables can impact high-throughput screening studies, and how organizations/societies are trying to address the issues surrounding plastic leachables.

Eng Wee Chua
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

Eng Wee Chua is a member of the Pharmacy faculty at UKM, whose research focuses on pharmacogenomics and drug profiling. Chua will discuss his 2015 article where he and his colleagues detailed the impact of PCR microtube choice on the success of long-range PCR experiments.

Peter Rezk
Wheaton Industries

Peter Rezk is the global marketing manager for Wheaton Industries. Rezk has a strong interest in the impact that leachables from plastic labware can have on experimental data. Rezk will discuss some of the latest plastic formulations that are currently being advanced to eliminate chemical leaching from laboratory plastics.

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